Keep your car safe in storage. We provide a variety of storage solutions for all kinds of cars.

Do you want to keep your luxury car in perfect shape? Or are you planning a long trip and don’t know where to leave your car? No matter what your situation is, Cheap Storage Unit has the solution.

If you need to store a car for an extended period of time or only a few months, you can choose to hire:

  • A secure, Under Cover Storage Spaces

No matter how big or small your car is, you can store it in a unit at one of our storage facilities.


Cheap Storage Unit is a great place to store a car because it is safe and easy. Our premium car storage spaces range from small garages that can fit quantity to large garages that can fit up to four cars. Whether you need to store a car before selling it, keep it safe while you’re on vacation, or just don’t have enough room at home, our Under Cover Storage Space is the perfect place to keep your valuable car safe.


Why Should You Get Car Storage?

Car storage doesn’t simply free up space in your garage or driveway – but it also provides:

  • Security and protection for your car
  • Protection from the weather and other possible dangers.
  • Protection from damage that could come from other cars
  • Less susceptible to theft or damage
  • Reduce the cost of insurance (your insurance provider may offer a lower premium if you store your car).

Why choose Cheap Storage Unit?

You can be sure that Cheap Storage Unit will take good care of your car. But did you know that we also have some features and services that set us apart from the others?

High Security: The safety of your car is our top priority. Cheap Storage Unit has modern security features like CCTV cameras that are on all the time, PIN-coded access, and doors that are each equipped with their own alarms. You can even get insurance for your car if that makes you feel better.

Exceptional Access Hours: Want to have access to your car at all times? Our company is open from early morning until late evening, allowing you to come and leave as you wish. Moreover, the majority of our facilities provide 24-hour access. This allows you to effortlessly get behind the wheel or handlebars at any hour of the day or night.

Easy Billing: Our way of getting paid is made to be as easy as possible. With a month-to-month contract, when your rent is up for the month, you are automatically charged for the next month. Want to leave? We send you our invoice two weeks ahead of time, so you have plenty of time to let us know.

Wide range of sizes: You won’t have any trouble finding the perfect place to store your car. If you need to store your car, we have a solution that will work for you. If you get a bigger car or need to store more things, we can easily move you to a larger car storage space.

Options for Short-Term and Long-Term Storage: We provide both short-term and long-term car storage, allowing you to remain for as long as you need. And, since there are no lock-in contracts, you just pay for what you use, whether it’s for one month, a year, or the future forecast.

Costs of Car Storage:

Need Cheap car storage? Cheap Storage Unit provides affordable costs for the storage of cars of all sizes. The price of our car storage can be different for each customer, depending on things like how much space they need, whether they need 24-hour access, and where the facility is.

Get a quote to find out how much it costs to store your car with us. Just call us at 0460000057 or send us a message online.