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Our Mission

Has your spare room become more of a storage room? Have random boxes and gear taken over your car’s spot in the garage? Need a safe place for your belongings while you’re overseas? Or maybe somewhere to park your furniture while you renovate or move houses…

Usually that would mean having to stress about which storage facility to use, how to get it all there and whether your belongings are safe. But not anymore. All it takes is one quick phone call to Cheap Storage Unit to solve all of your storage problems. Guaranteed.


Leading company in the Storage Solution field, at a global level

We’ll do whatever we can to make moving and storage easy for you. Just give us a call and leave it with our trained and passionate professionals.


Cheap Storage Unit offers
affordable and secure
Personal Storage Options.


Our experts can assist you choose the right business storage size. We also offer cheap packing materials.


If you’re looking for secure car storage in Melbourne, look no further than Cheap Storage Unit.


The story of our success

The history of Cheap Storage Unit starts with many first steps. The step into independence, onto the storage industry.


With energy and expertise in technology and innovation

Our Process

We provide a wide range of storage solutions, including storage units for individuals, families, businesses and those with specialist storage needs.

At Cheap Storage Unit, we believe you should only pay for what you actually need. By understanding your timeframe and the items you’d like to keep safe, our storage experts determine the perfect unit for you.

Our Vision

Our goal at Cheap Storage Unit is to remove all the difficulties and hassles that come along with using storage services by using professional solutions. Everything, including making a booking, monitoring your items, generating an invoice, and the payment process is handled securely by our company.

Goals of Cheap Storage Unit

At Cheap Storage Unit, we believe that providing our clients with the best service possible requires continuously improving the procedures and technologies we use. Our goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes to process a booking request for a storage option to a few seconds, so that our clients will eagerly seek their next option to store their belongings with us.

Offering to Customers

We have storage facilities located practically everywhere in the city and the surrounding suburbs, from North Melbourne all the way down to South Melbourne, as well as almost everywhere in between. Cheap Storage Unit in Melbourne provides both residential and business clients with self-storage options that are both safe and cheap. Our Storage Professionals are ready to help you in selecting the unit size that would work best to fulfil your requirements.

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